About FABF

Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture is the only supplier of solid teak wood bathroom furniture to the Australian market.

We are Australian owned and have made it our mission to introduce the beauty of natural teak into your bathroom setting.

We believe that the natural beauty of timber in a bathroom helps create a sanctuary, your own secluded nirvana. We believe that the organic style and feel of a natural timber can encourage relaxation. We believe in pampering yourself. And we believe in creating a home.
Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture create superior quality bathroom products for your home. This is because we take care in the way each piece of furniture is handled from our door to yours. We take care in the quality of the timber selected to create your bathroom furniture. We take care in our manufacturing process and we take care with the environment.
We would like to assure you that your bathroom furniture is, and will always, be constructed using plantation timber. These plantation forests are grown for the sole purpose of timber manufacturing. We would like to assure you that we do not use wild, forest timbers. We understand that the forests are diminishing every day which is why we pledge to plant over 2,000 trees in the Sri Lankan forests each year.
One day our children will inherit this earth from us and we would like to help create a world where nature is a part of our every day lives, a world where nature is respected. We respect the beauty of nature and we’re sure you will too.

Thank you for choosing Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture.