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Customise Your Bathroom with Our Australian Made Vanities

A vanity is the easiest way to give your bathroom a refreshing new look. The right vanity can add style and elegance to your bathroom and solve your storage issues by creating additional space. At Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture, you will find an exclusive range of elegantly designed timber bathroom vanities that offer optimum functionality. Whether you are renovating your entire bathroom or just upgrading the existing fittings, within our large product range you will find the perfect timber bathroom vanity to become a statement piece within your bathroom – one that you will cherish for years to come. These bathroom vanities are designed to create a space that is understated yet striking.

Our minimalist wall-hung vanity models like the Avila Timber Vanity, Sicilia Timber Vanity, and Verona Matte White Vanity are ideal for creating storage and visual space in your bathroom. They also add a hint of sophistication, making your bathroom just perfect!

Upgrade Your Bathroom Decor with Our Stylish Timber Vanities

Our vanities are perfect for adding a contemporary look to your bathroom. Each vanity creates crisp and clean lines that beautifully complement the overall decor of your bathroom. Thanks to our innovative designs, you will have storage and style to complement your bathroom design.

Most of our vanities are wall-hung so you don’t have to worry about losing precious floor space. In fact, these vanities are an excellent way to showcase the tiles in your bathroom that can otherwise get overshadowed by various bathroom furnishings.

The storage solution offered by these vanities also makes cleaning your bathroom a less stressful activity. You can easily reach the hard to access corners of your floor. These vanities are very convenient when you are shaving or putting on makeup as you can get closer to the mirror without risking stubbing your toes against the vanity.

We work with companies throughout Australia to provide our beautiful and unique bathroom vanities. Suppliers may stock the entire Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture range, or those select pieces that best complement their existing bathroom range.

Handcrafted Solid Timber Bathroom Vanities For You

The vanities by Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture are handcrafted using either solid timber or moisture resistant MDF. Each solid timber vanity is made from ethically sourced teak and premium Austrian made hardware, guaranteeing the highest quality. For timber vanities, we carefully choose matching timbers to ensure the grain pattern across the panels is as close to matching as possible. We also use excellent joinery techniques to ensure your bathroom furniture will last well past the lengthy warranty we offer.

Every vanity has drawers that come with easy hand pulls and adequate storage space to keep your toiletries organised. Moreover, you can install the vanity at a suitable height to ensure that accessibility is never an issue, even when children or elderly people are using the bathroom. Our timber vanities are made to last and are also incredibly easy to maintain. We provide detailed instructions to clean your vanity to prolong its life and keep it looking as good as new.

You spend a large part of your day in bathrooms. With the right accessories in your bathroom, you can enjoy the ultimate comfort and luxury and make it your private sanctuary. We are here to answer any questions you may have about bathroom vanities, or if you need help choosing the right model for your bathroom. Visit your nearest retailer to browse through our premium selection of vanities.

Discover the most popular bathroom vanities in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne

We have the bathroom vanities Adelaide adores, the bathroom vanities Sydney swoons for. These are the bathroom vanities Brisbane homeowners choose for their modern apartments, and the bathroom vanities Melbourne locals choose for the family home.

While our states and cities might not agree on much, there is a uniquely Australian style that you will find in bathrooms throughout the nation. With this style in mind, we have created bathroom vanities that blur the lines between modern and timeless. We want to create bathroom furniture that will fit easily within any Australian home, whilst still standing out as something unique and a little unexpected.

Upgrade Your Bathroom with a Unique Rattan and Timber Bathroom Vanity

Our Santiga range is a modern take on a classic bathroom style. The rattan bathroom vanity displays everyday opulence. It creates a coastal styling with the hand-woven rattan incorporated into the cabinet face. Once you open the drawers you’ll be surprised to find a hidden drawer to easily store your make-up and everyday items. The combination of large format storage and hidden drawers mean that you have ample storage space within the unit. There’s also room to hide the plumbing for your benchtop basin so you can select a lovely above counter basin of your choice and leave the beautiful teak top virtually uninterrupted.

Find High-Quality Teak Vanities in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Sydney

You will find our timber vanities in Melbourne, at stockists near the CBD, throughout Australia, and in regional centres. We also supply our teak timber vanities to Brisbane and Adelaide. The teak timber that we use is incredibly durable, and perfect whether you have a bathroom that suffers from high humidity or one that is constantly subjected to dry heat as you stave off those frosty winters.

You can buy one of our timber vanities in Sydney. Wherever you are throughout the country, we hope you will appreciate the unique Australian style of our bathroom furniture – a style that’s sophisticated, without taking itself too seriously.

For unique bathroom vanities, suppliers stock Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture

If you can’t find our timber vanities at suppliers near you please don’t hesitate to contact the Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture team. We’ll happily help you wherever we can.

Whether you want teak timber vanities in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or anywhere in between, we want to connect you to your local supplier.

FAQs about Timber Bathroom Vanities

Can I match my timber vanity with other bathroom furniture?

Many of our timber vanities are part of larger collections that include matching cabinets, mirrors, and accessories, allowing you to create a cohesive look throughout your bathroom.

Are the timber vanities suitable for bathrooms with high moisture levels?

  • Our timber vanities are treated to withstand moisture and humidity commonly found in bathroom environments, ensuring longevity and durability.

Do you offer customisation options for timber bathroom vanities?

Absolutely! We understand every bathroom is unique, so we offer customisation options to tailor your timber vanity's size, finish, and design to your preferences.

What types of timber are used in your bathroom vanities?

We use a variety of timber options, including teak and messmate, each offering its unique grain pattern and character to complement your bathroom decor.

Are your timber bathroom vanities environmentally friendly?

Yes, we source our timber from sustainably managed forests and government-approved plantations, ensuring responsible and ethical practices in our manufacturing process.

Can I install a countertop basin on your timber vanities?

Our timber vanities are designed to accommodate a range of basin styles, including countertop basins, providing versatility in your bathroom design.

Are timber bathroom vanities suitable for small bathrooms?

Yes, we have a variety of sizes to suit different bathroom sizes, so you can find the ideal fit for your area without compromising design or usability.

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