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Best places to buy bathroom accessories Melbourne

Accessories can add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom and make it look even more elegant. If you want to get rid of dated bathroom decor, Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture offers a selection of bathroom accessories that are fit for creating your dream bathroom.

If you want to keep your bath towels organized, our Avila towel ladder is a great option. This vertically designed towel ladder is better than bulky towel rails as it makes use of the empty wall space in your bathroom. It is portable, making it easier for you to keep changing its position depending on your convenience. You can even place it closer to your tub so that you have your towel handy after a refreshing soak.

If you want to sit comfortably in your bathroom and enjoy a relaxing pedicure, say goodbye to crouching on the toilet seat. Bring home our Avila stool, the best vanity stool for your bathroom. This timber bathroom stool has a simple yet striking design that brings warmth regardless of the decor style.

Avila towel ladder and stool are handcrafted from solid timber. These accessories are extremely sturdy. Timber is a preferred material for constructing furnishings to be used in the bathroom. It is naturally moisture resistant due to the presence of wood oils. Additionally, these products are also sealed and coated with Satin Two Pack finish for enhancing their water resistance. Moreover, teak is highly resistant to bugs due to the natural wood oils, making it an ideal choice for a humid environment like your bathroom.

It is really easy to care and maintain these accessories. Make sure to read our care instructions before you start. With a little love and care, these products will last you a lifetime.

Bathroom accessories set can enhance the overall aesthetics of your bathroom and also showcase your unique personality.

If you are tired of boring bathrooms, it is time to jazz up the look with the finest bathroom accessories in Melbourne. Our collection of various bathroom products, including bathroom stools, can add a refined touch to your bathroom. Do you want to know more about our offerings to create a classy bathroom? Check our retailer’s page to find the store nearest to you!

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