Question What is covered by warranty?
AnswerFABF provide a 10-year warranty on vanity structure. This includes the timber, hardware and chemical applications.
Question Will my timber rot in a moist environment?
AnswerTeak is the best timber for a bathroom environment. It is a highly moisture resistant timber because it continues to produce its own years after it has been fell.
Question Is the timber protected with any surface coating?
AnswerMarine grade clear polyurethane is used to protect the timber. A satin finish is used to ensure the timber retains its natural lustre.
Question Will the timber split or crack?
  • Timber is a living product and it will move throughout its life. Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture takes extra care while seasoning timber to minimize timber shrinkage. Surface cracks, or hairline cracks are not considered faulty. This is the natural movement of the timber adjusting to its new environment.
  • Major visible cracks may be covered under the warranty process.
Question Which timber is used in your timber vanities?
AnswerWe only use teak in our solid timber bathroom furniture.
Question Are your timber products solid or veneer?
AnswerWe pride ourselves in providing the highest quality bathroom furniture which is why we only use solid timber.
Question What is my lead time?
AnswerOur order turnaround time is 24-48 hours depending on available stock.
Question Can we buy directly from FABF?
AnswerNo, we only supply to our registered retailers. For information on your closest retailer please visit our Retailers page.
Question How do I install a timber vanity, and do we need extra reinforcement to walls?
  • For installation instructions please refer to your Installation Guide which came with your vanity. If this is no longer available please contact your retailer to obtain this.
  • Reinforcement to the walls should not be necessary but it is best to consult your builder as each case varies.
Question Is my vanity assembled?
AnswerAll our bathroom furniture comes fully assembled.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!