Towel ladders can elevate the overall aesthetics of your bathroom and transform it into a beautifully organized space. So if you want to keep your bath linens organized, our Avila Towel ladder is a great pick. It also perfectly complements our Avila timber vanity.

The vertical design of this ladder makes great use of your wall space and can be moved around as per your convenience. You can even place it closer to the shower area so that you can easily access towels when needed.

The ladder is handcrafted from solid timber which offers unparalleled durability. As teak is full of wood oils, it naturally repels water. It is also sealed and coated with Satin Two Pack finish for enhancing water resistance. The timber bars are placed at a perfect distance from each other so your towels can air dry completely.

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Dimensions 600 × 30 × 200 cm


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