FAQs about Timber Vanities from Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture

Explore our curated selection of timber vanities FAQs and discover expert insights into our premium bathroom furniture offerings. Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture is dedicated to providing comprehensive information to help you make informed decisions about enhancing your bathroom space with our exquisite timber vanities.

What is covered by warranty?
We provide a 10-year warranty on the vanity structure. This includes the timber, hardware. For full details on our product warranties please click here.
Will my timber rot in a moist environment?
Teak is the best timber for a bathroom environment. It is a highly moisture resistant due to the presence of natural wood oils.
Is the timber protected with any surface coating?
We coat the timber with marine grade clear polyurethane for additional protection. A satin finish is also used to ensure the timber retains its natural luster.
Will the timber split or crack?
Since timber is a living product, surface cracks or hairline cracks can occur due to natural movement of timber in a new environment. However, we take extra care while seasoning the timber to minimize the shrinkage. Additionally, any major visible cracks may be covered under the warranty process.
Which timber is used in your timber vanities?
We only use 100% ethically sourced teak for our solid timber bathroom furniture.
Are your timber products solid or veneer?
We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality bathroom furniture made out of solid timber.
What is my lead time?
Depending on the availability of stock, our turnaround time is 24-48 hours.
Can we buy directly from FABF?
We only supply to our registered retailers. For information on your closest retailer please visit our Retailers page.
How do I install a timber vanity, and do we need extra reinforcement to walls?
Please refer to your Installation Guide which came with your vanity for detailed instructions. You can download the guide from our respective product page. You may also contact your retailer to obtain a copy of this guide. Usually, reinforcement to the walls is not required but it is advisable to consult your builder as each case varies.
Is my vanity assembled?
All our bathroom furniture comes fully assembled.
In case I need any spare products, who should I contact?
You can directly reach out to the retailers for more assistance.

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