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Discover Our Selection of High-Quality Bathroom Cabinets with Mirrors

When you have limited space in your bathroom and want to increase your storage, adding mirror cabinets is a fabulous idea. These cabinets have the potential to transform an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one.

At Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture, we have a selection of bathroom mirror cabinets which can be a lovely addition to your home. We understand that mirror cabinets can make or break the look of your bathroom. That is why our collection features exquisitely handcrafted models such as the Avila Mirror Cabinet and Verona Matte White Mirror Cabinet which are perfect for adding a modern touch.

Functional and Stylish Timber Shaving Cabinets for Modern Bathrooms

Our timber shaving cabinets have adjustable shelves to accommodate your essentials and keep certain items out of reach of your children. The minimalist layout of the cabinets with a stylish and hand-crafted finish represents the ideal combination of functionality and simplicity. The simple lines of a Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture vanity mirror cabinet make it the perfect addition to a modern or classic bathroom.

Moreover, these cabinets are equipped with a mirror that reflects light beautifully and creates a visually larger space. They can also be easily recessed into the wall so that you can keep your bathroom tidy and organised without compromising on the aesthetics of the space.

Bathroom Mirrored Wall Cabinets for Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane homes

Our matte white mirror cabinets are made from high-quality MDF with copper-free mirrors. Copper-free mirrors provide you with the guarantee that they won’t rust or become spotty over time. The mirrored cabinets are finished in a 2-pac paint and are extremely moisture-resistant, even with high levels of humidity.

These cabinets are extremely durable and save you from the trouble of periodically replacing the bathroom cabinetry. You can follow our cleaning and maintenance tips to keep them looking brand new in the years to come. Whether your mirror cabinet is in Brisbane’s humidity, or Melbourne’s frosty winters, it will stand the test of time. These are the mirror cabinets Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane homeowners can all agree on!

The bathroom mirror cabinet suppliers you can rely on

With our timber shaving cabinets, you will never have to worry about cluttering the vanity benchtop. We also use high-quality joinery for all our timber cabinets to create a seamless look. Designed in Melbourne, our cabinets allow you to bring a modern style into your bathroom while showcasing the natural and timeless elements of timber. Such elegant designs allow these mirror cabinets to act as the perfect accessory to your bathroom vanity.

We strive to be the bathroom mirror cabinet suppliers you can count on for durable designs that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture is the ultimate destination if you are looking for mirror cabinets that are simply stunning and beautiful. Unsure which model works best for you? Stop in to your favourite retailer to see and feel our bathroom furniture.

Luxurious, Stunning and Sustainable Bathroom Mirrors With Storage

Searching for stunning and sustainable bathroom mirrors in Melbourne? How about the luxurious bathroom mirrors Sydney swoons over? Australia wide, one thing the different states seem to agree on is that affordable luxury is here to stay. We supply the bathroom mirrors Brisbane bathroom companies use to complement their favourite ranges, and the beautiful bathroom mirrors Adelaide homeowners love to showcase.

By sourcing teak from ethical, government approved plantations, we are ensuring that our manufacturing processes can be sustained over time in an environmentally friendly manner. And by choosing solid timber furniture that is designed to stand the test of time, you are resisting throwaway culture and making more sustainable choices for your home.

At the end of the day, you can choose cheap bathroom products made of composite materials, that won’t break down at the end of their life, and that cannot be recycled. Or you can choose natural materials that have been crafted into beautiful and durable designs. Our dream is that this sustainable luxury will one day be the norm in bathrooms throughout Australia.

The bathroom mirror suppliers for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide

We work with retailers throughout the country, to bring our quality bathroom furniture to wherever you are. Whether you are searching for mirror cabinets in Adelaide or Brisbane, we would love to introduce you to the Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture range.

If you are dreaming of a bathroom that is both contemporary and timeless, then why not look through the range to find the utterly unique products that are right for you. Whether you are buying your mirror cabinets in Sydney or in Melbourne, you are getting a product that follows international trends, while also having that unique design suited to Australian lifestyles.

We are the bathroom mirror suppliers stores throughout the country rely on, because we offer prompt delivery of exceptional products. While other cabinet makers may take 6-8 weeks to manufacture a vanity or other bathroom furniture, we can deliver our furniture in as little as 48 hours. So, if your local bathroom outlet works with us, but your chosen product is out of stock, then don’t despair. Ordering beautifully made, luxury teak furniture couldn’t be easier when you choose Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture.

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